AKUA Stand-Up Paddleboards are designed for all abilities in SUP-ing. The AKUA SUP collection features boards ranging from colour to bamboo and wooden finishes. Shapes vary from square tail to pin tail to fish tail, all equipped with three, interchangeable fins to accommodate different water terrains. :

Designed and constructed to give great all around performance in both pumping surf, flat lakes, or a calm estuary, the AKUA family of SUPs has it all.

AKUA SUPs are manufactured utilising concave designs that provide a fast and stable ride, sure to please anyone from the first time paddler to the seasoned “SUP-er.” Available in sizes ranging from 10 foot to 14 foot designs, these are some of the best boards for those desiring an all-round experience.

Being able to ride down the face of a wave is a uniquely gratifying experience. Combine that with a board that can be used for flat water as well, and you get the AKUA SUP Series boards.

With increased length and width, the extra volume is great for increasing your glide on the water, while still allowing those just beginning to learn to surf to easily catch even small waves. The added volume of the 12 foot AKUA SUPs is also great for heavier riders as it provides more buoyancy.

To give you a better understanding of what size SUP is best for you, please use our online SUP Calculator below:

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